Hey, had my first proper Skype session this morning with Aaron & Bee, too cool and such a good connection: Australia – Brazil – Japan no worries :D

As I said before before please add me to your list of Skype contacts: jamesnfarmer

A few ideas / thoughts:

-Am wondering of there’s a way to develop a Skyperoll? Could be pretty useful…

-Wouldn’t this be the best app ever to build a social networking service off… one that people would actually use!!!

-Can’t wait for the simple solution for .mp3 recording (or would that be legal, as it’s ‘free’) to roll through.

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  1. Hi James,
    I share your enthusiasm for Skype which I use regularly to talk with my brother in British Columbia (and avoid the international surcharge for regular phone calls). I’m just starting to use Skype to confer with colleagues. There is a ham radio VoIP tool called EchoLink that I use all the time to talk with hams all over the world. I think the educational possiblities for Skype or something like it are promising. Joe

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