Six Stigma for Dummies

OK, I can guarantee that as this is hot in the corporate world it will, in approximately 3-5 years time, start to take off in education and academia… trust me.

So, you can get ahead of your Director / VC / Principal by getting the lowdown on Six Stigma from Steve Crescenzo and check out the comments if you’re interested in ‘Digital’ Stigma too!
Here’s a taster:

“Root Cause Analysis. Or RCA. In regular English, this is called, “finding the cause of the problem.” When to use: Anytime you don’t know the answer to a problem. Sample Usage: “The thing I don’t want to do, Dwayne, is band-aid the problem. We’re in the process of establishing the RCA.”

Permanent Corrective Action. Or PCA. This is what you do once you establish the RCA. When to use: If a problem has been lingering for a while, and you can’t seem to fix it. Sample Usage: “Dwayne, the Six Sigma team has already established the RCA, but we’re struggling with implementing the PCA because it represents a severe paradigm shift.” [CH]

Am looking forward to the moving on of TQI, CQI & SWOT… think of how impressed your organisation will be when you actually run the Six Stigma training ;o>