IncSub Blog Generator

Alrighty then, checkout the nice new frontpage for WordPress MultiUser at IncSub, otherwise known as IncSub Weblogs.

Seems like the odd person has taken a run with this so now I’m obliged to keep it stable and working… so please feel free to play around and even do something more developed there.

A few things you should know and that’ll develop soon:

-Donncha has said that a new version of WPMU based on the new WP1.5 will be out soon (which means that you can try it here, easy peasy)

-I’m still trying to figure out the themes… am waiting to see if anyone else (who knows more about these things than I do) has already done it… either way there should be multiple themes to choose from soon.

-You can also edit all the files yourself pretty easily… it says that you haven’t been able to, but you have!

-Each of these babys includes Kitten’s Spaminator so no more spam worries for you!

-If you sign up at the moment you’ll get an email with your username & password… but the link in the email won’t be to your site… you have to remember that yourself.

Otherwise, happy IncSub blogging :D

3 replies on “IncSub Blog Generator”

  1. Great Job James,

    I have been impressed with WP 5.0, I am really looking forward to the upgrade to 5.1.

    Thanks for all your wonderful assistance!!!

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