Posting Lite & IncSub Icon / Logo Competition

Am on holiday this week with the girls, spent yesterday picking up gumnuts and stuff at the tan (for new Blogtalk design… expect studio photography :O)

In the meantime though I think we should have the first ever IncSub competition! I may have spent hours and hours putting together the new site but graphic designer I am not and consequently the banner looks like, um, this:

So here’s the challenge, using the real estate above (we can change the background colour too if you want (web colours only though please) and incorporating the online learning and development side of things can you come up with a new logo / icon for IncSub?

I’d like it to reflect (somehow) the principles behind incorporated subversion (more on that here), our focus on learning & development online and, um, look as snazzy as Lee LeFever’s (you don’t know how much I envy his icon & cards :o)

As a prize I’m happy to offer 3 months of free hosting through an IncSub 1 plan, credit on the homepage and some serious good karma!

Please send through all entries to james [at] incsub (dot) org. I’ll keep it open for 7 days, closing at 12PM AET on Monday April 11th.