Pedagogy and Practice – Melbourne based teaching and learning forum

The Pedagogy and Practice Group
is a Melbourne based teaching and learning forum… from our about page:

The Pedagogy & Practice group was founded in 2004 as a forum for sharing and discussing contemporary education design issues, developing pedagogies and experiences in teaching and learning.

Attended by education designers, teaching academics and researchers, the group meets monthly at different University campuses in Melbourne. We invite membership from across the Victorian higher education sector and encourage a diversity of perspectives and approaches.”

We’re a pretty small group at the moment with about 10 or so people coming to each session (out of 30 or so members) but we’d like to expand a bit, especially outside of the two Universities which now form the core. We’re interested in all sorts of discussion, sparked by experiences and experts. For example, our next session is on April 13th, here, and will be kicked off by Peter Haeusler (a brilliant researcher) looking at student perceptions of learning… read more.

If you’d like to join the group or follow what we’re doing there are a few ways you can go about it… you can subscribe to the listserv (how very 1990s :o) we use for sharing resources / info / the odd bit of stuff, you can aggregate the RSS feed or you can just get in touch with me to have a chat about it: james[at]incsub[dot]org

We’re very relaxed in a ‘come whenever you can and want to’ kinda way and unaffiliated to any institution, so if you’re interested in tertiary teaching and learning and based in or around Melbourne do think about it or share this with colleagues you think might be interested.