Logging some stuff

A bunch of my most recent subscriptions (see currently reading down the right) have been to ‘communications’ blogs (PR, business communications, advertising & stuff like that…) and I be telling you there’s some great stuff there:

NevOn who is obviously far more popular than me posts a link to People where you can find out how popular your name is… I’m not sure how reliable it is as I rank at 53,600 and Stephen comes in at 128,000… hmmm…. It’s pretty and fun though so go give it a whirl!

Shel Holtz (also more popular :o) posts an interesting bit on getting podcasts onto cell phones, I was in a forum for mobile technologies in the University yesterday and guess what came up as the biggest hitter (after simply sending your students sms announcements – costs us 13c an announcement… gah!), that’s right, podcasting lectures to mobiles… and with something like 2 million people doing tertiary study of some form in Australia alone (pop 19mil, I think) that’s something that the telcos would be well advised to explore!

Finally from Chris Abraham here’s a straightforward list of ways to view the blogosphere, not sure if I could add that many, perhaps Blogshares & Pubsub?