Losing your job for promoting open source???

Blimey, this isn’t good:

“I lost my job today. The main reasons stated were that my opinions expressed in this blog, in that wiki, and in day to day communications with staff, contradicted the directions of the unit I was working within. Of course these reasons alone, as I put them, would not be enough cause to fire me, so inflation of other reasons was necessary…” [Leigh Blackall]

Met Lee at Blogtalk and he was pretty keen / involved with the technology and teaching and learning (hence his blog Teach and Learn Online) and don’t get that anything he could have said or have written would have been too full on for any particular unit – but then I guess I’m pretty, um, familiar with that sort of thing.

Pretty awful reflection on that unit, wherever it is, wouldn’t you say?

Leigh, you should talk to the NTEU immediately.