Links ‘n stuff

Ahhh, haven’t done a multi-bit post for a while so excuse if rusty :o)

Lindon has another beautiful machines posting, nice light glinting stuff in this one, go look at it.

When Robert Patterson says that an article (Fastcompany – Change or Die ) is worth reading… it is… so go read it.

According to Ian it’s an open secret that Becta are going to be pushing open source for English schools. Goodo, now in 20 years time Australia can copy them. Go copy now… better still go and do something innovative for once. “highlights the Web-publishing work of EFL (English as a Foreign Language)/ESL (English as a Second Language) students, showcases the classroom Web-publishing projects in EFL /ESL and introduces links relevant to personal Web-publishing in language learning contexts” Go TESOLers!

Yay, absolutely, happy birthday Dave… Radio & RSS have changed my life & Scripting’s been on the aggy since day 1, go figure!