Lemmings, Blackboard, Blogs & RSS

Derek develops his:

“increasing concern with the lemming-like behaviour of institutions which lock themselves into proprietary enterprise class VLEs and then proceed to link with like minded entities”

While BB are developing Feed2JS, just for themselves, with an RSS building block.

Not, of course, that you’d know that from the blog…………………….

Oh, and I’m almost rolling on the floor here, this is too good:

“My colleague and buddy, Melissa Chotiner (Blackboard PR Manager and newly converted to the wonders of blogging) is standing over my shoulder saying, “Greg, Greg, why can’t we put a blogging feature in our software?” The answer is there’s no technical reason why we can’t, but we haven’t heard from customers that they really want this as a core feature of Blackboard software.

What do you think? Blogging in Blackboard Academic Suite? Thumbs up or thumbs down? How would you use it on your campus? Are teachers and students on your campus already using blogs in education?”

Mate, your modesty gets you everywhere.

Too Many Things To Go Off About


[afterthought… does the concept of BBopensource seem a bit odd to anyone?]

Update: Alex Halavais says:

“More than a year ago, I was approached by someone on our campus who was helping put together a blogging advisory panel for Blackboard so that they could integrate a blogging tool into their software”