Kid-safe blogging

Via Will and the (never paranoid) Australian Federal Government … comments from moi in [bold]:

* Blog Topic – Select a topic for your blog that is sensible and you think other would enjoy reading about. [others, right… so first up you should write about what other people want to read… hmmmmm]

* Password Protect your Blog – Make sure nobody else can enter information into your blog. [Alright, a reverential link to the first person who can share a default unpassword protected blog]

* Email – Use an email that is not identifiable. Use your online name instead of your first name and surname. [because then, god forbid, someone might know who you are, and then they could, um, ah, um, maybe look you up in the phone book???????]

* Use of Avatars and Photos – Select a picture of an avatar that suits your personality but doesn’t disclose your identity. Refrain from using your own photo on your blog. [we don’t think that every net surfer is a paedophile, honest]

* Hide Profile from Public View – If possible stop others from looking at your profile by password protecting it, or setting up any options that let only those people you choose to view it. [absolutely, heaven knows what would happen if someone actually knew enough about you to start a conversation… that’d be almost as scary as letting you walk to school, no?]

When you are Blogging

* Personal Information – Never enter in personal details or anything that can identify you. Remember, once something is entered on the Internet it is often very hard to remove. [it’s like a criminal record you know, likely you’ll be either assaulted or locked up for the kind of stuff you do]

Surely this has to compete for the most ridiculous, fear-driven, insanely paranoid piece on blogging this year????