Domain Names

Hmmm, am thinking with the brewing relaunch of IncSub (which part of is going to be offering up my services in a kind of solutions / consulting capacity… outside of the day job of course!) that I’d do well to get an .au domain as well as the .org (so a which comes to the same place as the .org)

Anyone have any domain registration services they’d recommend (i.e. are cheap) for this kind of thing.

And do you reckon there’s any point?

Also, if I’m offering my services and some sort of hosting service but am also fully backing / maintaining the free / open source hosting / support service (actually expanding & developing it) is it OK for me to have a .org? Am confused about this…

Seems like it’s OK to make some money and have a .org in some cases (this online soccer game as an example) but am not sure how this works… naturally I’m reluctant to change domains too. Whaddyareckon?