Introducing and

Well in an official-esque announcement sense I now pronounce and open for business.

Basically these are sites in a similar vein to in that they are seeking to provide free blogs, but this time for K12 school students and university / college students. is basically born of demand. Soooo many teachers wanted to use as a place for their students to set up blogs that it basically seems to be needed and let’s face it, if you’re not tech savvy then Blogger, LiveJournal, Xanga etc. don’t really cut the mustard for what you want for your school kids doing blogging. So, my aim for this is to make it work as well as possible -specifically- for school students in educational contexts…. feedback / requests / comments / thoughts very welcome here! seems like a natural complement (and also a pretty funky name) and I have to admit that I’m a bit excited by the potential with this one. Things like global categories could do amazing things in terms of getting people blogging about particular disciplines together, and then there’s the social aspect… huge I reckon. So again, a slightly different focus to learnerblogs or edublogs (which both have a kinda ‘independence’ about them) and one that I’m looking forward to toying with.

Now, what I need [read: am begging down on my knees] people to do is to share these with other teachers, university student groups and the ol’ listservs, you know it makes sense ;)