In search of a simple comments tool for a non-blog webpage…

Am in serious head scratching mode at the moment as looking for a simple solution to allowing people to leave comments on items in a particular (non-blog) page.

Basically I just want a little icon / text link for a popup where people can add a comment / view other peoples.

Doesn’t have to be anything more… it’s to allow people to contribute to case studies that are presented as regular html pages.

Haloscan is great and *I think* would do the job just fine but I get the feeling that people wouldn’t like the third party mechanism and certainly not the ads.

Any ideas?

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  1. I hate to provide an example cause next you will want the code (like I would), but it should not be too difficult to roll your own– I just did one with PHP and mySQL. This is a site for an upcoming event where people are looking at a collection of images and providing comments. Clicking an image thumbnal pops a window with the large size of the image and a simple form with name and a text area for comments. The data written is simply 4 columns: an id to associate with the image, the name, comment, and a timestamp for when posted. When the page is loaded, the relevant comments are selected from the database and displayed.

    If you email me I can send a demo link (there is no spam protection, and actually I am restricting access for a range of IP addresses).

  2. TWiki has a comments function that is very simple to use. But you want plain HTML, not wiki, right?

  3. Thaks for the great pointers guys… really good resources (hopefully this will be useful for people looking for this kind of thing too).

    Good question N… if I had had my way the whole thing would have been built using WP, Twiki etc. and so stuff like RSS / comments etc., would have come as standard!!! But needless to say I didn’t… so this is a fallback.

    Will report back (and hopefully demo) solution down the line.

    Cheers, James

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