To celebrate the impending 1000th blog at I’ve created a Drupal based community.

To participate all you need to do is role on over there, grab yourself a username (synching databases falls, um, into the ‘too hard’ basket ;) and get posting.

This has the added bonus in that now people can support each other… rather than it just being me.. yay :D Useful in the next month or so as well.

I played around with bbPress at first and then figured that I’d use a Drupal installation as I kinda like how very very flat it can be. I’m not envisiging a deluge of activity so I think this might work better than a category based forum system – for now – and I can always add forums if they become necessary.

Oh, and the subscription module is pretty handy too for people wanting to keep track of particular conversations through email.

Will be interesting either way… let’s see if it works and if edublogs does tick over the 1000 blog mark tonight…