Elgg opensource now available

I’ve written about elgg going open source at IncSub, it’s an amazing opportunity to get a very very good eportfolio system going I reckon.

Am going to be posting most of my development, multi-user weblogging, ideas for organisations stuff at IncSub from now on (here’s the feed) and use incorporated subversion more for the ideas, theory, general weblogging stuff.

The idea is that IncSub is all about realising these possibilities… helping institutions, organisations and institutions do really cools stuff with weblogs, wikis, eportfolios etc. while this is more me and my thoughts.

Will see if it works out, do you reckon it will?

One thing though, the more people subscribe to the IncSub feed the less time I spend here saying “I’ve just posted at IncSub…” etc. ;O)