Contemporary Online Teaching Cases

A (fair) while back I think I mentioned that I had put together a little project full of interviews with online teaching and learning fellows at my, ahem, place.

Well, that kinda got picked up on (as these things kinda do) and the net result is the niftily titled “Contemporary Online Teaching Cases”.

Basically it’s over 70 (!!!) interviews, flash movies and resources from teachers doing good stuff in online teaching and learning at the Uni… you can look through them by faculty, discipline, graduate attribute, study level, approaches to learning and a fair few more approaches. Each case (for example) has interviews broken down into chunks, transcripts of those interviews, related cases, flash walkthroughs of the environments and sometimes a fair bit more.

Anyway, with the team having pretty much put this together in isolation in the last 6 months or so (I was kinda more of a ‘consultant’… you can tell this by the fact that it’s not a blog ;) I guess what we’re really after is some feedback and perspectives from, hey, you lot!

So whaddya reckon? Could you see yourself pointing anyone to this site? Considering a similar project for your institution? Designing it differently?