A plan for edublogs.org

I’ve never been the best at crafting lengthy plans for things so here, very quickly, is a plan for how we can use edublogs.org for the maximum benefit for the least stress.

All of the voting, rating and scaling stuff went into two particular baskets at around the same time. Namely the ‘too hard’ and the ‘too horrible’ ones (it sometimes takes a while for one to realise that you don’t have to do what’s been done to you most of your life). OK, I’ll put the awards there too but that’s enough of that kind of stuff.

So, inspired by Mark Bernstein’s ‘protecting the blogosphere’ Blogtalk presentation (& podcast) I figure that the best way to use it is to do a Will and try to make a culture of sharing and promoting edublogs that might not get the usual amount of airtime otherwise.

What I’d like it to be, moreorless, is a portal for people looking for interesting weblogs that works better than googling ‘education blog’, or any search / ranking system for that matter.

And of course the only way to achieve that is through a bit of the old human intervention! But at the same time I don’t want this to be a ‘register and post your edublog’ experience as I reckon it could do with a bit of quality and restraint. Hence, here’s a plan for discussion:

1. I’ve set-up a WP Blog at edublogs.org, let’s figure out how to make it pretty and work well as a portal (my idea so far is to have categories operate as streams).

2. Each month we have a ‘Guest editor’ who, basically, posts for that month links to and commentary on edublogs that they think are worth sharing… they then retain the ability to post in the future if they want to (the same blog isn’t allowed to be posted about more than once per year – or the writer’s own). – All you have to do to become an editor is to express an interest… no posting requirements and people can edit as many times as they want.

Pretty simple huh. Do people think this is a good idea / approach? Suggestions more than welcome!