What’s in a name…

Gah, am getting totally stuck trying to think of a name (and grab a URL) for this internet literacy / freedom / learning to swim / responsibility / trust in schools & education thing. I know what I want to do with it, collaboratively create a simple manifesto about how the net can and should be used in schools (and how it shouldn’t be blocked & feared), and then add some things like signatories / press packs / arguments / mini-papers etc.

But for the life of me I can’t think of a name which’ll fit nicely with a URL.

The Online Literacy Association (TOLA)
– nope, tola.everything taken and not exactly catchy
NetGen – nope, netgen.everything taken, netgeners.org too rubbish
EduLit or EduTrust – sound too twee don’t they?

Am utterly desperate, am starting to think that we should be all web 2.0 about it and call it ‘pang’ or ’66’ or something and define it after that. Gah… here’s the original post again… ideas???????