The Edublog Awards 2004 Results

Well, what can I say, a great bunch of people sharing a great bunch of blogs, thanks to all who came along & voted!

Basically, congratulations to everyone who was nominated. As I’ve gone on about ad infinitum the idea of how ‘results’ might work has been troubling me a fair bit and I’m really keen to avoid ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ (because really, these and the many great blogs that weren’t nominated (probably due to lack of credible-blog-clout :o) are all very much winners) and in that thinking we kinda decided to scrap the ‘editorial’ aspect and just let the votes decide. In the end I reckon if you picked up 5 votes or more then you should get a mention here.

Also before we kick off I’d like to thank Alex Halavais for the spark and his support through this and say that, yeh, I’ve never been a great fan of awards but for me this is just about sharing, recognition and community and I’m sure you will find some fantastic blogs below… I have!

Best Individual Blog: Pharyngula

In high esteem:
Mario tout de go
Early Modern Notes
Easily Distracted
The Life and Times of a History PhD Student
Seb’s Open Research
Alex Halavais

Best overall group blog: Crooked Timber

In high esteem:
Into the Blogosphere
EdBlogger Praxis

Best resource sharing blog: OLDaily

In high esteem:
Teaching & Developing Online
Online Learning Update
No.2 Pencil

Best Research Based Blog: Mathemagenic

In high esteem:

Best blogged paper(s): Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs

In high esteem:
Into the blogosphere
The Buntine Oration: Learning Networks
E-Learning Flexible Frameworks and Tools: Is it too late? – the Directors Cut
Educational Blogging

Best designed & most beautiful blog: Blaugustine

In high esteem:
Teaching & Developing Online
Stephen Downes

Best technology meets pedagogy blog: Teaching & Developing Online

In high esteem:
EduBlog Insights
Think Thunk
Abject Learning

Best use of weblogs within teaching and learning: Bee-coming a Webhead

In high esteem:
KMD1002 & KMD2003
EduBlog Insights
Alex Halavais

Best Newcomer (2004): Chasing the Dragon’s Tale

In high esteem:
Learning Curves
My Blogging Experiment
Random Walk in eLearning

Best Librarian Blog: Library Stuff

In high esteem:
The Shifted Librarian a library weblog

Now, as a footnote I imagine a lot of people will go off on one about the blogs which weren’t nominated, the voting system, the winners, the processes, awards as a whole etc. etc. etc. Please do! This is the first run of the Eddies and I’m sure we can do it better next time round, your constructive criticism is absolutely welcomed… fire away :O)

11 replies on “The Edublog Awards 2004 Results”

  1. I know this was a first run, but for next year I’d love to see the nominations come out much earlier and be narrowed down to a manageable 5 or 6 per category before the voting begins. I really wanted to visit all the nominations before voting, but it started to become quite an arduos task. There were over 10 for the individual blog category alone! By narrowing it down, before starting the vote, people can actually visit all the nominees. Perhaps just have an honorable mention for each category that can’t recieve votes or something.

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  4. Hi Steve,

    Yes, yes and yes I think :O) I think it would probably have helped if I had used a polling tool that allowed my to insert hyperlinks too… hmmm… sorry bout that ;o)

    Good feedback thanks… another one which someone on the polls picked up on was that the blog and the polls weren’t closely intertwined so for them the voting closed ‘without notice’… need to fix that.

    Keep the crit coming, very much appreciated!

    Cheers, James

  5. Congrats to Mario Asselin (Mario tout de go)! Here in francophone NB, may I introduce to you our own school blog champion: Roberto Gauvin and his crew at the “Centre d’apprentisssage du Haut-Madawaska” ( They were greatly assisted by Seb Paquet from NRC. Merci beaucoup!

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