9 replies on “Oh my, wikipedia in my search bar”

  1. And the Creative Commons search feature as well – to find stuff that doesn’t require weeks of copyright clearance. This would have been a real asset for one of the few “courses” that I developed a while back.

  2. Hi James, you might also find Firefox keywords handy. For Wikipedia, I’m using a bookmark to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=%s&go=Go“ with keyword=wp. This way I can type “wp Charles Saatchi” in the address bar, and it takes me to Charles Saatchi. It substitutes the words following the keyword for the “%s”. As for find in page, have you tried the “Find as you type” function under Prefs->Advanced->Accessibility?

  3. James, are you aware of the find-as-you-type feature? I like this better than a separate box (though in Firefox 1.0 there is a “find in page” search bar that pops up with control-f). Type /someword and it will start highlighting finds starting with the first letter. Once you find what you’re looking for, pressing finds the next instance.

  4. Oops, WordPress stripped the word “Enter” which I had enclosed in HTML-type braces < > so pressing Enter finds the next instance.

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