Blogging for cash

Each to their own, seriously, and it’s not like I couldn’t do with the money, but, personally, (OK enough commas now) while I’d be totally cool with blogging being part of my job I wouldn’t do it in my personal blog.

But then again Richard is being totally upfront with it… hmmmm… makes me want to unsubscribe almost more than RSS ads do though, I feel a bit like a voice I know / a person I bought in to is being hi-jacked for advertising. It’s a bit like when close friends start to try and pyramid sell you… then you don’t see them for a loooooooong time!

Would you?

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  1. If he’s up front about it, as he is, then what is the problem? It’s not dishonesty, it’s a form of capitalism to which you don’t agree. It’s also your right to delete him from your blogroll. Overall, it seems like an OK system – for now. I also understand that this could lead to some conflict of interest issues, as Stowe Boyd has suggested.

    For now, I’ll remain skeptically positive, and cheer them on for making some cash. At this point in my free-agent career, cash is good. My bank does not recognize my blog as a capital asset ;-)

  2. Thanks for your comments. What you say is pretty much my fear about doing this and I totally understand where you’re coming from. I too am “skeptically positive” about this (love that phrase!). I’m not sure how this is going to turn out, but time will tell… the jury is still out with me too on the moral/ethical issues.

    Cheers, Richard

  3. Now you’ve got me too you see, I want to hang around and am thinking about it more because you’re doing it…. bugger :D

    You’re right Harold, I wouldn’t be averse to making money through this blog (or driving something that I believe in that might also make me money)… I guess it’s just about how that might happen… for example, web-based advertising seems far less of an issue to me than RSS feed advertising which seems again far less of an issue as writing about something directly… but then again if you’re totally upfront about it (I mean, like Robin Good’s reviews etc. which I happily subscribe to but am sure he makes money from, cos they’re so good!)….


    Whatever, I guess, I’m interested in this though now so am probably going to hang around and write about it myself… double bugger ;oD

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