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Experience-Enabling Design: An approach to elearning design from elearningpost by L. Ravi Krishnan & Venkatesh Rajamanickam. A great article articulating the importance of experience design in eLearning and process of resolving conflicts between experience and layout. Every word of the article is quotable, no point in giving an excerpt here.

My little postscripts
We evaluate everything in this world (performing arts to gossips) with two souls – one is a critic soul, and another involved soul. Critic soul always wants us to be detached and involved soul want us to be engaged, be part of the story, evaluate from the heart. That’s why experience matters. Experience talk to our gut and encourages our involved soul.
Knowledge osmosis is facilitated in an unconscious mode while we are engaged in an experience. That’s why we can recall movie dialogues but not the phone number of our boss.

[A footnote here - I've seen (many times) my wife watching a highly melodramatic scene of a soap opera with moist eyes. This is, I believe exposure effect, nothing to do with engagement or experience.]

I very much liked the case of using of minimalistic graphics. Think about the form drawings of cavemen. Minimalist schematic diagrams are the first form of pictures drawn by human being. I think that’s why it effective in communicating experience clearly.

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May 30th, 2004 at 4:15 am

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