2004 Academic Weblog Awards

Bloody Good Idea!

Alex asks for nominations for the 2004 (or should that be “First”) Academic Weblog Awards. Go there and have your say in the comments.

Just a thought, but as we’ve been so comprehensively ignored as a blogging community I’m a bit tempted to say stuff trying to just be a category of these and lets have our own awards with different sub-categories, whaddya reckon Alex? Here are some suggestions:

Best individual academic
Best teaching
Best links & commentary
Best melding of technology and pedagogy
Best design
Best newcomer
Best researcher
Best multi disciplinarian
Best library
Best administration
Best resource
Best activities (i.e. get involved on their site)
Most beautiful
Most interesting
Best Overall

& I think in the vote you should put in comments fields!

: Alex agrees :O) Please comment below or trackback on the categories I’ve suggested… and SPREAD THE WORD!!! Let’s define ourselves a bit, we are an edublogging community!!!

7 replies on “2004 Academic Weblog Awards”

  1. I like that idea. Sure, there are a lot of blogs that cross those categories, but it’s better than the broad “scholar blog” in many ways. But this all balances on whether people are willing to get involved in the nomination and voting (or should that be judging?) process.

  2. I think that the nomination process is a good start, if the category is crap then it won’t get any nominations, right?

    Nominations should be one blog per category – Oscar style you should also be able to nominate a blog for as many different categories as you like.

    Then votes & comments.

    And I’ll bang my drum as loudly as I can to get people interested… we ARE a very real, sizable and fairly defined community and we should blinking well stand up and count each other :O)

  3. I’ve just posted over at Alex’s site – I think there’s a need for a less public submission form otherwise some people will not feel comfortable nominating. Alex’s original post seems to be particularly about academic bloggers, – a very specific part of the eduBlogging community. Your suggestion to open it up is an excellent one. I’ve obviously got a professional interest in seeing the (debatable) divisions between academics and educational technologists made as muddy as they are in real life.

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