The Inaugural Edublog Awards

So… following Alex’s suggestion, my reaction and Josie’s thoughts we have the 2004 Edublog Awards!

Nominations are open from now until Friday 3rd, previous nominations made at Alex’s site will be transferred to the ‘Overall’ categories. You can nominate anonymously if you wish but only one nomination per category please.

After this voting will open and there will be a popular choice winner and an editorial choice winner for each category. I guess the polls will probably be open for a week or so.

Also, please consider supporting the awards by offering as an incentive a small prize for a category of your choice, for your generosity you will get sponsorship linkage and great karma :o)

Me, I’ve always hated ranking competitions, and IMO this isn’t one of them, it’s a fun way of giving a pat on the back to all the great edubloggers out there. So please do skip over now and leave your nominations.

[BTW feel free to tracckback your nominations if you like]

4 replies on “The Inaugural Edublog Awards”

  1. James, this is an excellent idea.

    Also, I must confess not having visited incsub before, but I’m very impressed with what you’ve got here. I’ve been using blogs at UWA and if I’d seen your site before, I suspect it would have made things a bit smoother to begin with. Nice work!

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