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IDEO Story – An interview with Tim Brown

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An interview with Tim Brown CEO, IDEO Inc. at NextD Journal
A quote from the interview – the rules of the game are strongly applicable to learning experience design too -

As you say, value in business is migrating from the world of products to one of services and experiences. We believe that many of the same methodologies and insights we developed as product designers are highly applicable to these new kinds of problems. Essentially, we see design thinking as a tool for working on a vast array of problems, but to do so we have to continue to broaden our outlook as designers.

We have to be prepared to participate in the creation of the briefs that we work on and not wait for the client to do that for us. We have to be able to take very abstract problems and use our design skills to make them more tangible for us and for the client. We need to continue to broaden the base of experience we have as designers. We also need to become more confident in describing the business outcome of what we do, as well as the human experience.

I think that if we designers can do these kinds of things, then we can expect to participate in many more strategic initiatives within the companies we work for.

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August 30th, 2004 at 11:54 pm

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