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Interaction Design – an Interview with Andrew Davidson

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An interview with Andrew Davidson, Chair of the Education Program Interaction Design Institute Ivrea by GK. VanPatter Co-Founder, NextDesign Leadership Institute at NextD Journal

The vision for Interaction-Ivrea, like the field of interaction design itself, is multi-faceted. We are primarily an educational institution that aims to develop innovators and leaders in the practice through our two-year masters program in interaction design. Our focus is on project-based education that is supported by a strong research and conceptual framework.

On Design Process at Interaction-Ivrea

Yes, we emphasize a design process that we believe leads to innovative ideas for interaction design solutions – ones that are culturally desirable, technologically feasible, and economically sustainable. Generally speaking, the process involves six phases:

1. Understand the users’ experience
2. Imagine new opportunities
3. “Just-enough” prototyping
4. Design solutions
5. Craft the interactive experience
6. Present and test the outcome

On learning process at Interaction-Ivrea

The richness of our collective culture is one of the strongest aspects of our community, I would say. Personally, I have certainly learned a tremendous amount about the interactions of people from different cultures in my time here in Interaction-Ivrea. This level of understanding, that comes from working, collaborating, talking, and socializing together, is something that you can never achieve as a visitor or traveler. It can only come from an extended time together. I am sure that that this kind of knowledge and depth of connection is a fantastically attractive overlay to the design education that we provide.

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August 30th, 2004 at 11:52 pm

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