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Learner experience from Dusk and Dawn

1) Creating a positive learning experience is NECESSARY but NOT SUFFICIENT. I have been on some excellent training courses, which have excited me, been fun, been motivational but have led to absolutely no long term change in my knowledge or behaviour. A good experience doesn’t automatically equal good learning/training. On the other side of the coin, I’ve found that a well-designed learning intervention that fails to provide an appropriate experience for learners rarely succeeds. A same result is found in the usability world. Excellent usability or interaction design or overall experience design will not make a product successful if it doesn’t solve a useful problem or help people do something in their lives more easily or quicker or more accurately or more creatively, etc etc

2) An effective experience is not synonomous with a ‘fun’ experience or a ‘motivating’ experience. An effective learning experience isn’t necessarily a fun or effortless experience. Incredibly valuable learning interventions can be scary, tense, frightening, demanding, positively stressful, unnerving, effortful, etc. An effective experience is defined by its appropriateness for an audience in a given context. Something that ‘fits’. It encompasses things like accessibility, relevance, quality, appropriateness, flexibility, etc etc

3) Experience isn’t just at the level of content. It also involves branding, aesthetics, interaction, marketing/promotion, blend, learner support, usability and more. It is multi-faceted.

4) Experience design must go hand in hand with learning design. One cannot compensate for a lack in the other.

5) Experience design is challenging and subtle. It requires a deep understanding of how learning fits into the audience’s lives and how they perform their work tasks.

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August 16th, 2004 at 9:54 am

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