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User Experience is More Than Design

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User Experience is More Than Design – Jeffrey Veen

Clearly, both Apple and Sony understand the importance of the bottom circle; the desirability of their products is undeniable. But desirability from a design perspective is only part of the equation. Clearly, Apple understood that bringing the same deep commitment to user experience to the technological and financial aspects of the product were also required. If you have an iPod, it shows every time you use it. Plug it in and iTunes launches. You’ll see that it has the same attention to detail as the hardware, with consistency in interaction and labeling. Your gadget will automatically sync, so now all the music you’ve ripped or downloaded recently can come with you. It uses Firewire, so it takes no time at all. Click on the iTunes Music Store and the same interface takes you through the intuative shopping process.

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July 30th, 2004 at 6:26 pm

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