WordPress 1.5 “Strayhorn” is out!

Beautiful, WordPress 1.5 is out, those of you who have set up incsub WPMU blogs will have a fair idea of how nice this is but let assure you… it just gets better!

Am currently working on getting some alternate themes together for incsub WPMU (it’s an arduous process if you’re as bad at this kind of stuff as I am!) in the meantime it looks like you can edit your own template / html (it just says that you haven’t) through the manage > files function.

Am looking forward to the next WPMU release… with “Strayhorn” too I hope!

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  1. hello James, What are you thinking offering free server space to teachers?

    We’re thinking of setting up a word press multi user for our adult literacy teachers’ network – and i was going to put this on our own server, but space is really tight; unless i could put the images off somewhere else (eg yahoo, i read someone musing about how to do that).

    By the way, what’s wordpress like for uploading images? Our teachers want something very useable / easy.

    cheerio, michael

  2. Hi Michael,

    I wouldn’t recommend WPMU for anything but trial use at the moment, with a fair amount of support, as it’s still very early doors version wise. However, agreed that it’s got a huge amount of potential in many many ways and I’d enjoy exploring anything you’re looking at.

    It’s great for uploading images but is a kind of code based posting machine (no WSYWIG here!) which is great in many ways but more difficult than, say, hotmail…

    Have a play with my set-up if you like… I’ve worked with a lot of CSWE/literacy people and something tells me that it might be pushing it to try and introduce this sort of tool there just yet…

    Will be interested to hear your thoughts.

    Cheers, James

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