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12 Principles of Storytelling by Eric Miller.

I like these two points most, where the storytelling takes a form of perspective contextual discussion and where every individual start (verbally or mentally) their form and flow of the story.

A Storyteller is Always Listening
A storyteller must on one level remain utterly still and receptive in order to constantly be perceiving messages from her own unconscious, as well as from the external environment (including listeners, the weather, etc.).

Storytelling is a Reciprocal, Shared Event
In many forms of storytelling, the roles of teller and listener can switch at a moment’s notice. Every participant in a storytelling event has the ability, the right, and even at times the responsibility, to bring the proceedings to a standstill, and to draw all attention to what she is feeling. Thus, if the event proceeds, it does so by consensus of all present.

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June 18th, 2004 at 3:49 am

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