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   May 19-22, Sydney


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Well, it’s Tuesday so that means I’ve had the compulsory ‘at least a day out’ to feel like I can actually reflect (rather than just react) to the conference so I thought I’d give it a shot.

It’s be great if other people felt that they could reflect here as well (as some have) but feel free to trackback, pingback, commentback or post a link to reflection on your own blog as well… I’ll disable the registration option at the end of this week so now’s your time!

For me, themes which came up in conversation and presentation were many and varied although there was definitely some significant showing in talking about blogs in the community, sustainability, collective / individual authorship, future archiving use, blogs in education, citizen science & participatory culture and, of course, protection & comments.

Phew, I’d link to each paper / example if I could but am still pretty tired!

In terms of the conference itself I as pretty happy with the venue, delighted by the invited speakers, comfy with the wireless and cool with the blogwalk. To improve… I think we could’[ve subverted the presentation mode a bit more (where appropriate), considered the ‘paper to present’ mode to open it up somewhat, employed / cajoled some good PR / marketing help and have had a back-up projector before 9:30 on the Thursday!!!

The things that I’m most happy with is that a lot of interesting things I reckon have been set in motion over the last few days and that, in my book, the fully & freely available conference papers constitute one of the best and most significant public collections of academic discourse and discussion into weblogs. And that wouldn’t necessarily have happened if it hadn’t been for the conference (which makes me smile).

Lots more cogitations to follow for sure but that’ll do for the moment.

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