Best of Blogs Education Category

Well it’s an improvement, the Best of Blogs site has an education category.

Looks like it’s mostly K12 and home-schooling (well, there’s a blogosphere I didn’t know about!) but great to see Hipteacher & Pedablogue getting some recog there… they’ve also got much nicer badges than the eddies… roll on 2005, we’ll kick their…

[More seriously, they’ve got an interesting if slightly drawn-out voting system involving legit email addresses & CAPTCHA – I like the email idea but not the verification for each post… surely registering would suffice and then you could vote at will. Also, FARRRR to many ads]

And one more thing, go help out Hipteacher and Pedablogue by voting for them… looks like they could do with a bit of an edu-push!!!

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  1. My fear was that a registration system would scare users away from voting. Perhaps not, though. I’m polling people now, and will consider switching to registration for next year.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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