WordCamp Australia 2008

Have reached that magical point when all memories of what an almighty pain it is to organize conferences are all in the distant past and hence, here we go again ;)

Come along to WordCamp Australia 2008 y’all!

We’ve got a venue.

We’ve got a schedule for the two days.

We’ve got a registration page.

And now we need some speakers!!!

So, now’s the time for you to read our call for speakers, and get in touch to let us know you’d like to present!

Here’s the score, we have, over 2 days…

  • 9 x 30 minute speaking slots
  • 6 x 10 minute ‘lightening’ speaking spots
  • 4 groups on topics looking for facilitators
  • A panel
  • And a special surprise!

While the focus of everything, unsurprisingly, is WordPress… it’s OK to veer into other territory and talk more broadly, as long as you have a WordPress, WordPress MU, bbPress, Automattic, buddypress, etc. etc. angle.


a. Please come along :)

b. Why not share yourself around a bit!