Will the real Blackboard please step forward

Via Stephen, The Slashdot take on Blackboard’s setup is very informative – particularly this bit (cut down):

 It produces hundreds of megabytes of absolutely useless logs every day.

The built in log archiving utility doesn’t work.

It’s built primarily on Tomcat.

Their support is nearly non-existent

They use incredibly inefficient stored procedures which can bring down an entire system

Read the rest to get an insight into how much Blackboard’s existing clients love them.

Karma, anyone?

3 replies on “Will the real Blackboard please step forward”

  1. James, you may want to fix that Blockboard link up there as it leads to a squatter site.

    CPCC uses blackboard but they’re moving over to running things via GMail. Of course they have GMail in their browser’s untrusted list. Been like that for months now.

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