Not a Twitter user, but a Twitter user

As I mentioned yesterday Twitter is possibly the best human powered monitoring / feedback service a big blogging website could ever want.

And sometimes that’s pretty frustrating because you see Tweets that are just plain wrong, and you can’t ‘add a comment’ or feedback to them without all sort of pain (if at all).

But other tweets make up for that :)

Nice edublogs tweet

12 replies on “Not a Twitter user, but a Twitter user”

  1. But I don’t wanna tweet, I just want to comment on said tweet a la old skool bloggin’ ;)

  2. Or more to the point Twitter needs to be more like that, just for me!

  3. James, I’m thinking the time has come for edublogs to have a twitter account. No, really. Lots of educators/edublogs users would follow it, even if it’s just used to announce new features of edublogs. Especially since you’re loving twitter so much that you added the twitter tools to supporter blogs (btw, love, love, love that) :-) Actually, all you’d have to do is set up a twitter account, set up the edublogger and the edublogs blog up w/ twitter tools and voila – you’re done. Just my twitter-addicted opinion, though :-)

  4. Hi Kate,
    Cannot help but reflect back on the last 2 1/2 months when we started twitter in earnest. I particularly remember one tweet from you seeking my honest opinion whether twitter was worth engaging in. YES it is, and yes, I am now following edublogs as well.Thanks

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