Gmail errors today

Anyone else experiencing horrific gmail errors today – 502s, 100s, 728s and more… all day.

Makes me realise how much I rely on it! Possibly a touch *too* much (although surely their imperative to fix it up and keep it qworking great is greater than my imperative to go and try to recreate a gmail experience somewhere else… if that’s even possible!)

A combination of that and Optus cable internet being absolutely terribe (as usual) has been bugging the heck out of me today… roll on tomorrow, new telstra connection and iinet!

6 replies on “Gmail errors today”

  1. Yeah – me too – seeing lots of errors in the past week. Removing spam, getting mail from other accounts, accessing over IMAP – all wonky/buggy lately….glad it’s not just me then! Hopefully they fix soon.

  2. Today i as well experience the wrath of the 502 error… damn

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