Barracuda blocking!!!

It’s bad enough when you get blocked by an over zealous filter, but is currently blocked by the widely used Barracuda email spam system and it’s not doing us any good!

Thousands, or even tens of thousands, of teachers and students are now unable to receive

new blog activation emails, comment notifications, password resetting emails and we’ve contacted them at least 5 times over the last week with, you guessed it, no response :(

So… we’re calling on assistance from users and the community… can you email and request that they remove from Barracuda’s Intent List.

We’ve tried… but have heard absolutely nothing, and we hope they will listen more to their customers / potential clients.

Here are some other email possibilities too:

General Inquiries Sales Support Request Evaluation Unit Resellers Press, Analysts

It just seems ridiculous that your whole business can be jeopardized by an automated, and incorrect, spam filtering service :/

And that your requests to have it fixed up are then met with a stony silence.

Perhaps people ought to think twice before choosing Barracuda for their school or institution?

5 replies on “Barracuda blocking!!!”

  1. Barracuda routinely blocks my content. Nothing to be done about it. Every once in a while I write a separate email to the users of a Barracuda filter – usually, I would suspect, they don’t even know what is doing the filtering. I have yet to get a reply from any of these emails.

  2. I just checked and Barracuda is still blocking I sent an email we will see if enough emails get their attention. I don’t know if my school uses Barracuda.

  3. Thanks guys, I emailed their ‘press’ address and got a one liner back (which is better than nothing).

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