The fickle finger of Google

Ahhh… how I rejoyced last Friday when I saw that Edublogs had jumped from 80 something to no. 8 on a Google search for education blogs.

It’s taken a while, some 35,000+ links, many many months and a pagerank of 7… but finally I figured I’d cracked it and could move on to terms like class blogs, teacher blogs and other worthy searches.

But no, for no sooner had this week begun than Edublogs was back where it (apparently) belongs – sandwiched between ‘Orange News Blog: education’ and ‘education: Blogs, Photos, Videos and more on Technorati’… alas!

Yahoo gets it (number 2), MSN gets it (number 1) even Ask gets it (number 1 – though not before the biggest pile of ads in history!).

Oh Google, what have we done that you have forsaken us so?

4 replies on “The fickle finger of Google”

  1. Can’t help much – but you might consider putting another “Education blogs” after edublogs in your copyright on the home page. Have given you a couple of links from my old blog & new using the anchor text “Education Blogs” for what it’s worth – but if 35,000+ aren’t enough…

  2. I’ve noticed too that Google must be playing with their algortithms. My Remote Access blog often sits #2 or #3 when you Google this term. Yesterday morning I found that it was suddenly #6 or 7 and then checking in again last evening I was back up to #1! Must be “lets-play-with-the-math-before-summer-holidays-begins time at Google.

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