Thanks be to tha’ dawg

Had a really nice bit of grub and a few drinks with CogDogBlog the other day, a.k.a. Alan Levine (who is blogging his trip downunder here) and after I’d lulled him into a false sense of security, asked him what he reckons edublogs could do with.

“How do people get to share their blog?” he barked…” (well, OK, he didn’t really bark but I’m keeping up the metaphor) “So, they’ve got a new blog, how do they tell the world?”

Well, all I can say is ‘good boy’… ‘cos I reckon that’s a very good point that we’ve been overlooking… but not any longer.

Now, from your edublogs dashboard, you can simply send an email to any number of friends, colleagues, family or students telling them all about your blog… you can even import your yahoo, gmail or hotmail address book and tell the lot of them!

Promote your edublog

So thanks for the tip Mr Dawg, I’ll get you an extra biccie next time we meet :)

3 replies on “Thanks be to tha’ dawg”

  1. Set up a mailing list. Make the mailinglist (automatically) one of the recipients of these notices. Make it possible for interested people (like me) to subscribe to the mailing list. And/or create an RSS feed from the mailing list.

  2. Was I drunk? I suggested an email spammer? Just kidding.

    If anything, find me some antibiotics. I am dying from a cold here.

  3. Stephen, a few privacy concerns there :) Although adding a mailing list address to the tab as another means to promote their blogs is no bad idea at all!

    Alan, I already had an email spammer set up… it’s for ‘Invites’ so you’re only half to blame for the webmail imports.

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