Sponsored links, and money for new rope

If you’re at all interested in the WP-theme-sponsored-link debate, you should most definitely read this post from wpdesigner.net.

I guess I’ve been thinking about this more from a philosophical standpoint, related to WPMU DEV Premium in a way, along the lines of where and how OS meets commercial, and if, and why and what of it. But the beauty of Small Potato’s post is that, besides being a good read, it really details the issues and kinda lets you make up your own mind.

“I know it’s easy to simply point out what’s wrong and not offer suggestions. However, I’m not going to offer any suggestion this time.”

I loikes.

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  1. Yeah, it is interesting and in my view it’s not just a philosophical question, it is also a legal question given wordpress is GPL (and that wordpress was built on GPL software). Are plugins and themes, legally (and maybe philosophically) required to be GPL as well? Does distributing via the web enable you not to release the code, all the wordpress.com plugins (or core changes) that are not released? Is this a legal loophole without ethical and philosophical issues?

    Does wordpress.com’s stance about their unreleased code, mean I can ethically do the same thing? Especially considering that they aren’t going to come after me with the lawyers. Is the reason that wordpress would rather see these issues as a ethical or philosophical issue, because they are unsure of the legalities?

    Chin up Farms, glad you’re thinking about it though, whatever you decide.

  2. As with most things, there’s not much point suing until there’s someone worth suing ;)

    Interestingly enough the plugin that WPMUDEV Premium uses as a subscription model is also a plugin that you have to pay for http://www.wpboard.com/plugins/ – think about the implications of that that for too long and your head may get even sorer!

    Whereabouts are you in Melbourne anyway… we should have a wp / wpmu meetup sometime!

  3. I only mentioned suing as until these things (if ever) are cleared up in a court then the legalities are in question. I have plugins I haven’t released.

    Incidentally, I was surprised at Tom’s (only know him from reading his blog) supportive response the other day to your WPMUDEV Premium post given his previous strong views about GPL.

    I tried to start this discussion on the wpmu forums a while ago but no one was interested then http://mu.wordpress.org/forums/topic.php?id=4082&replies=3

    I hadn’t heard of wpboard before, I’ll check it out, but just because someone else is doing it doesn’t make it right (and just because something may be illegal doesn’t always make it wrong.)

    Anyway, I’m in the northern suburbs (Greensborough), got wpmu running on my school’s Intranet in Bundoora, your invited to check us out anytime — be good to meet you.

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