Review of blog hosting services for educators

‘If I didn’t have my own domain and wanted to blog either with or without my students, I would select Edublogs as my blogging service.’

Nice stuff. Will have to get into more detail one of these days about what it’s like trying to compete with Blogger / etc. for teacher & student blogs… actually, how do you do that… any ideas :)

3 replies on “Review of blog hosting services for educators”

  1. Actually, I think you guys are really going about competing with WordPress and Blogger in the right way. The other two have the advantage of having been around a longer time. I’m sorry that my Spam software ate your trackback. I have been getting scraped maliciously, and I didn’t review the trackback carefully. I recommended Edublogs to the educators at the GISA conference and on my faculty, too. Word of mouth should help a lot. You guys are doing great things for teachers.

  2. Thanks again – I reckon we can do a lot of things better still (such as providing domains, more social aspects and other educational tools (to go with the eduplugins) but it’s really nice to get good feedback too :)

  3. Just to add that the edublogs system has proven very popular with the MA students/researchers in Film Studies at the John F. Kennedy Institute of North American Studies here in Berlin.

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