On a panel with Jimmy Wales

Fantastic, I’m going to be on a panel with Jimmy Wales next Friday at an education.au seminar entitled Challenging how knowledge is created.

Regular readers would know that while I’m in awe of Jimmy’s achievements with Wikipedia I’m not such a great fan of Wikibooks or this whole blogging code of conduct farce, so I’m looking farward to putting forward a slightly different perspective ;)

If you’re in Melbourne (or nearby) why don’t you come along? Should be a great day and they’ve got Mark Pesce to facilitate (and run a workshop after) which should also be fun.

4 replies on “On a panel with Jimmy Wales”

  1. You know you want to ;)

    I think the idea is that you get the beneficent and bountiful organisation you work for to pay…

    It’s next Friday, $300, it’s an education.au seminar (I went to great one last year), you don’t get to chat to one of the creators of wikipedia every day!

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