Little Sis Makes Wikipedia… What About Brother?

Update: OMG there we go !!! Now… the question is whether I satisfy the notability guidelines… yoikes… apparently that means:

“If you are familiar with the subject matter, please expand or rewrite the article to establish its notability. The best way to address this concern is to reference published, third-party sources about the subject”

So, ahem, feel free to do so ;)

My little sister’s Wikipedia page is filling up nicely, and I have no doubt my even littler sister will get one soon too.

And I get a mention too, ahem, “She has a younger sister, Laura Farmer and an older brother James Farmer.”

But alas… no link is there for her poor brother, no article chronicling his groundbreaking work, no… sob… Wikipedia love.

Who, he cries, who might change that?

Tessa and the hog

(image from Chapter)


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