incorporated subversion surprise entry at no. 35

Top 100 Australian BlogsMucho shock at the incsub ranch this morning as we discovered that incorporated subversion had entered the top 100 Australian blogs at number 35.

Just behind Nik, but crucially ahead of BB.

Now to consolidate the position and move up the chart! With riviting readership-driven posts just like this! And lots of exclamation marks!

But no emoticons you will note… it’s – so – hard.

Incidentally, I finally ditched the / divide the other week so now all root links, bar a couple of essays, go to… I can heartily recommend the Permacop WordPress plugin for anyone thinking of something similar.

3 replies on “incorporated subversion surprise entry at no. 35”

  1. You should have been there before, only down side is as more blogs are found I will continue to slip down the rankings. Now I am just out of the top 50 :-(

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