Edublogs – top 10 website?

OK, this is posted with more than just a pinch of salt… and perhaps says more about Technorati than it does about us, but all the same, check this out:


Heh…. and especially when you compare it to the $40m p/year website I’ve just left…


So how have I managed to get a higher Technorati ranking for Edublogs than one of the top websites in Australia? Answers on the back of a blank postcard in the comments please :)

8 replies on “Edublogs – top 10 website?”

  1. Heh, that must be it!

    sorry about the Edublogs speed at the moment, will improve dramatically very very soon though!

  2. Nope, it’s not real at all… man you guys are poor detectives ;)

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