Edublogs coming to San Francisco

All things going as planned I should be in San Fran from Thursday 8th March (that’s, um, four days away) until Monday 12th (four days after – funnily enough).

But not being a regular web2-SF-cruiser I thought now would be the time to beg you, dear reader, to let me know where I should stay (it has to be downtown) and who I should meet up with… you perhaps?

Drop me an email (james (at) incsub /dot/ org) [I really need to get round to putting up a new contact form] or leave a comment.

3 replies on “Edublogs coming to San Francisco”

  1. You’re coming to San Francisco when nearly everyone will be in Austin for SxSW, but such is life. Parking will be easy!

  2. Just caught this in my aggregator. Too late. Hope you had a good time. The weather was certainly good. If you’re leaving late tomorrow and want to stop by school, call me at home and leave a message: 415-285-6185.

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