Dearie dearie me

Interesting developments in the world of newspaper blogging down here in Oz, as Fairfax (my ex-employers) just gave their best online writer the heave ho.


For a pretty tame reason, and pretty tamely done to boot. They should roll through the archives if they want to find some really full on (and brilliant) stuff. They should also take a very close look at some of their other more popular blogs… I mean suggesting Kevin may have taken the matter in hand doesn’t really come close to defending your personal use of hookers, for example.

Anyway, besides all of that he’s the best writer they had – award winning, funny and well worth it… so IMO it’s dumb play on all sides.

For more details Cameron’s got a great interview up now at TPN with the man himself… well worth listening to, make sure you stay tuned to until the last 30 seconds too :D

‘Onya Jack, have a nice break.