Bye bye Bloglines (the WPMU DoS poem)

You’ve served me well
For a number of years
But I have to go now
Bloglines, my dear.

You were an absolute joy
When Radio I left
But I’m afraid that right now
I’m not so bereft

Yes, you were usable
Yes, you were my first
Web-based aggregator,
But now you are cursed

On a daily basis,
I’m afraid this is so,
You screw up my sites
You make them so slow,

Your concurrent connections
To my database
Have driven me crazy
My load times a disgrace

I’ve throttled you back
With a tweak of the ear
But as a result,
You’re rubbish my dear.

So to reader I go
With a fond parting wave
Until you teach your crawler
How to fucking behave.

3 replies on “Bye bye Bloglines (the WPMU DoS poem)”

  1. oh such beauty ah ha farmer.
    me toos have left the fervent 2004 startup lens of rojo
    and pluggd into greader the sequel even if their first skd
    and now thee talks pipes oh pipes
    to be sixteen again

  2. Which web-based aggregator doesn’t do this, I wonder? I’d switch over in a second if I knew that what I was getting into was an improvement.

    Give us more poetry James!

  3. Don’t encourage me ;)

    Actually Google Reader is kinda cool – and they don’t try to take your blog hosting site down a couple of time a day… which is nice.

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