Another new server for edublogs

We just bought and installed a brand new dedicated dual xeon webserver for edublogs (stuffed with RAM) – which means that edublogs is now supported by four absolutely whopping servers (the database server is a quad core woodcrest with 3x300GIG SSCI RAID disks… your data is verrry safe with us!)

Anyway, as the only time we ever hear anything about the speed of the service is when we’re having a slow patch, I thought I’d congratulate myself on halving our response times today :)

Of course the real test is when I run back to back workshops at PLC tomorrow as part of the AISICT conference that I’m keynoting in the morning

2 replies on “Another new server for edublogs”

  1. I’ve been meaning to ask. Do you guys lease a quarter rack and slot in servers when you need them? Are the boxes leased or do you buy them outright?

  2. Lease – and currently they’re on a 4 server web cluster with a dedicated db server… all hooked up by a 25m cable :D

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