Typepad Tragedies

Ewan has been suffering one heck of a Typepad nightmare after accidentally hitting the ‘Delete’ button…

Absolute joke… edublogs.org is a free service which (in the first instance) doesn’t make it easy for people to delete their blogs and in the second instance has full server backups daily and technicians who can get me one of them so that I can reinstall any deleted content should the worse happen.

And they actually charge for this ! Jeez!

Checkout their customer support too (parenthesis by Ewan)… Hope Loic comes through mate!

Hi Ewan,

Unfortunately, deletion cannot be undone. That’s why
there’s a confirmation dialog box that pops up to verify
that it’s what you want to do.
(Yeah, my fault – I know I’m a complete duffus. Thanks for reminding me, Kimmy)

If your weblog is indexed in Google, you might be able to
find some of your pages in the Google cache and copy and
paste your posts from there to restore your weblog.

Or if you had done an export using the Export utility
(there’s an “Import/Export” link on the Manage tab) you can
restore from the export file.
(You know I didn’t do that from my file, you sadistic Typepants!)

You can find more information on Exporting here:
(I just love those easy-to-remember URLs for those times of need. Silly me for having heard of that one before)

Additionally, if you had Syndication enabled, your readers
might have some of your posts in their RSS reader, so you
might check with them. You can usually forward items from a
feedreader via email.
(So Typepad sucks, but your readers might have kept some random posts back – they must have known that this was likely to happen one day – James did ;-))

Please let us know if you have any questions.
(Any questions? Any questions? I just LOST MY BLOG. Hours of thoughts, reflections and, above all, conversations, lost into your Typepad black hole. Why, why oh why are you in Customer Service? Are you typing this from a preset on your computer?)

(Yeah, thanks Kim.)

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